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Why Choose Us as Your Maryland Sciatica Chiropractor?

Sciatica is a painful and debilitating condition. The constant pain, often described as burning, shooting, and tingling, can make daily life very tough and prevent you from living as you usually do. Here at Precise Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we specialize in solutions for and treating this condition. Dr. Lief Hands and his staff are nonsurgical spine specialists with advanced training in chiropractic care for sciatica. We have a variety of services and therapies, from traditional chiropractic care to functional rehabilitation to massage therapy. These reduce pain, increase movement capabilities and boost your quality of life. Please contact us today to learn more about our exceptional chronic sciatica pain treatment and see if we can help you resolve your discomfort. Our office helps improve the quality of people’s lives here in Crofton, Bowie, Odenton, and Gambrills.

Signs & Symptoms of Sciatica:

sciatica chiropractor

  • Constant, severe pain.
  • Pain increases with sitting.
  • Pain begins on the lower back or hip (gluteal region).
  • Pain travels down the leg to the foot.
  • Described as burning, shooting, and tingling.
  • Difficulty standing from a seated position.
  • Difficulty placing weight on the affected leg.

Treating chronic sciatica in Maryland

Sciatica is pressure, or an impingement (pinching), of the nerve roots L3-S3 of the spinal cord that forms the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve forms outside the spine from the previously mentioned nerve roots and travels through the hip and the leg. The sciatic nerve controls the function of the leg, knee, ankle, foot, and toes so that you can move throughout your day on your feet. This impingement on the nerve roots, most commonly on L3-S1, creates pain and dysfunction within the sciatic nerve.

Risk Factors for Sciatica:

  • Obesity; excess stress placed upon the intervertebral disc.
  • Prolonged sitting; excess stress upon the low back intervertebral disc
  • Weak core; unsupported spine and intervertebral disc. See prolonged sitting above.
  • Repetitive motion; when focused to the low back, this steadily breaks down the intervertebral discs.

Causes of Sciatica:

  • Intervertebral disc herniations.
  • Vertebral bone spurs.
  • Possible tumor (which we test for).
  • Uncontrolled diabetes.

Effective Sciatica Relief Services in Maryland

Anyone who’s dealt with sciatica knows the pain can be intense and all-consuming. That’s why getting relief is crucial. Coming to our sciatica doctor in MD is the surefire way to find gentle and natural treatment to improve your discomfort. Combining an accurate diagnosis from a chiropractor and sciatica therapies is a powerful way to promote healing. This is especially true when you work with an experienced, skilled chiropractor like Dr. Lief Hands and the professionals on our team.

Through adjustment, massage, therapy, etc., from a professional chiropractor for sciatica, lower back pain sciatica can finally improve, giving you the freedom to enjoy life again. Our office believes in helping you live with no restrictions and in the best health possible.

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