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TMJ Dysfunction

What is TMJ?

TMJ disorder is also known as “temporomandibular disorder.” However, it’s most commonly referred to as TMJ. It’s a painful disorder that stems from chronic inflammation of the joint located in your jaw. It’s the joint that effectively connects your skull and mandible. The disorder refers to conditions that could impact your TM joints and the surrounding areas.

Your TM joint or jaw joint exists on both sides of your head. It connects your lower jaw bone with the rest of your head. Because of this, it’s connected on both sides, and it helps you move your jaw every which way.

The joint is responsible for moving as you open your mouth, chew, and slide it back and forth. The upper portion of the mandible slides along both sides of the jaw when you open your mouth. It slides right back into a neutral position when you close your mouth. This is where a lot of people start to notice they have an issue. When you have TMJ disorder, you will typically hear a popping noise.

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Don’t suffer from TMJ Disorder any longer

Unfortunately, TMJ disorder isn’t uncommon. Many people have TMJ disorder, which can cause many issues. For one, it can result in severe headaches. It can also result in you grinding your teeth both during the day and at night. It can even lead to numerous severe issues like arthritis and even autoimmune diseases. As many as 12 percent of the entire United States population experiences this disorder at any given time. Unfortunately, not enough of them understand how much a chiropractor can help ease the pain and the associated symptoms.

TMJ can come with a range of unwanted symptoms. Some symptoms include neck pain, jaw pain, jaw soreness, difficulty eating, difficulty sleeping, and more. There’s so much that your jaw can impact your life, which shows the importance of the TM joint and the rest of the area.

Professional Chiropractic Treatment For TMJ Disorder

When you visit a professional chiropractor to get TMJ treatment, you will typically have the treatment focused on three key muscles. For one, the chiropractor will focus on the masseter. Next, there will be treatment focused on the temporalis, and then there will be treatment focused on the pterygoid. Along with these muscles, additional attention will be paid to some of the other suboccipital muscles that impact how the jaw joint works. Finally, everything needs to be properly aligned for better and more optimal movement.

It’s more challenging to do soft tissue work on your pterygoid muscle. This can be increasingly difficult to do independently, so you’ll want to visit a professional chiropractor for help. To help this muscle, you’ll need some leverage positioned against the cheek and between your cheek and teeth. It’s usually deemed the most uncomfortable to work on when it comes to TMJ because it could be more structured and strong.

Once a chiropractor has performed the requisite soft tissue work to alleviate some of the jaw pain you are experiencing, you will typically assess your jaw to determine whether there is room for a TMJ chiropractic adjustment. First, we will evaluate your jaw to see what joint opens first and where instability occurs. You will then have the stuck side adjusted to see whether or not it fixes the alignment. If not, more adjustments will be needed. If necessary, TMJ treatment can also be combined with other things like dry needling if your jaw isn’t loosening enough or laser treatment to expedite tissue healing.

Get relief from TMJ disorder today

At Precise Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we offer a comprehensive TMJ Disorder Chiropractic Treatment that helps to effectively reduce the signs and symptoms of The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Dr. Lief Hands is highly experienced TMJ Chiropractor and uses a comprehensive approach to relieve pain, restore normal movement, and improve your quality of life. From gentle adjustments to massage therapy to exercises and lifestyle modifications, our team is dedicated to helping you find relief from TMJ disorder. Schedule an appointment with us today to experience relief from TMJ disorder and feel better!

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