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Functional Rehabilitation

How a Chiropractor in Crofton can Rehab Re-occurring Injuries

Functional rehabilitation is a therapeutic treatment aimed at restoring healthy movement patterns and relieving pain after an injury. Perhaps you twisted an ankle while hiking or resurrected an old sports injury while exercising. Maybe you lost some range of motion due to an accident and have never fully recovered.

Regardless of the circumstances, if your body isn’t bouncing back the way it once could, you are not alone. While kids can often sleep off an injury and be good as new, adults’ bones are more brittle, and our muscles, tendons and ligaments have lost some elasticity and therefore may take longer to recover. Simply resting, icing and bracing will often not be enough to repair the damage. That is why rehabilitation is so important.

By undergoing rehabilitation therapy from Precise Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, you can:

  • Address the root cause of your pain
  • Reactivate muscles that may have been inhibited by injury
  • Stimulate the related nerve supply
  • Restore the affected area to help avoid re-injury
  • Regain full and active range of motion
  • Retrain the body to use the correct muscle sequence

The good news is that pain does not have to be your new normal. Moreover, while we understand that shortcuts may be tempting, medication is not the only solution. In the world of rehabilitation physical therapy, drugs are a persuasive alternative, but seldom are they long-term solutions.

When prescriptions are the primary method of treatment, medication mismanagement becomes a risk. If you develop a dependency on painkillers, often the injury will still exist, but you no longer feel the body’s nerve endings signaling pain. This can exacerbate your condition and potentially lead to drug addiction. Given this possibility, there is no substitute for rehabilitation therapy. Through proper physical therapy and chiropractic care, you could finally find relief from chronic pain and injury-related mobility issues.

At Precise Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we offer functional rehabilitation in Maryland that helps patients achieve a higher quality of life. From our location here in Crofton, we work with injured individuals living in any of the surrounding areas, including Bowie, Odenton and Gambrills. To receive personalized treatment and get started on your path to recovery, reach out to us today.

What to Expect From Functional Rehab at Precise Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Because we are focused on long-lasting results rather than temporary pain relief, the goal of our functional rehabilitation program is to retrain your body to perform proper movement patterns. We believe health is a result of your habits, and when it comes to the spine, back, neck and shoulders, how you move can have the greatest impact of all.

Our treatment techniques involve more than just stretching, strengthening an injured muscle, or utilizing electric stimulation or ultrasound for a sore spot. Rather, we take a comprehensive approach that aims to restore your body to its optimal, proper, and effective function. Whether you have taken a step back from family, work, sports or other passions, it’s time to get the compassionate and expert help you need at our Crofton clinic.

How Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Can Help Recurring Injuries

If you have a stubborn injury causing pain, you do not have to continue to live in discomfort: Visit your chiropractor and find lasting relief! Too often, patients believe their injuries can’t be healed, perhaps because they have tried improper techniques and procedures in the past.

The truth is that poor rehabilitation practices can lead to more pain, aggravated injuries, medication dependence, addiction and more. Even minor wounds can turn serious if the body has been trained to compensate with improper movement. If the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves are misaligned due to poor recovery methods, the underlying injury can create more issues. A better solution is to obtain a professional chiropractor and rehabilitation help.

Dr. Lief Hands and Our Staff

Precise Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is proud to be Maryland’s premier source for expert chiropractic care. Trust us to provide the rehabilitation help you need to heal. Our clinical director is Dr. Lief Hands, an experienced provider with a Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. He is passionate about restoring patients’ quality of life. Trauma Team Certified, Dry Needling Certified and trained in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics, Dr. Hands loves to serve the communities of Bowie, Odenton and Gambrills with chiropractic and rehabilitation services that move people to better overall health.

When you come to our clinic in Crofton, you’ll notice that our entire staff believes that relieving your pain is a priority. We treat you as an individual, take your injuries seriously and work hard to provide long-lasting results. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start your journey to a happier, freer life. Reach out anytime and request an appointment today.

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