Sciatica Pain Treatment in the Parole, MD Area

Sciatica Pain Treatment in the Parole, MD Area

The dreaded sciatica pain! We see many patients with this around Bowie, Crofton, and Odenton, Maryland. True sciatica can bring extreme pain and dysfunction into your daily life. Imagine having extreme difficulty walking, moving from a seated to standing position, sitting, going up or down stairs due to leg weakness, and constant pain that seems like it will never go away. I think most would say “No thank you!” to that. Additionally, there are situations where symptoms and pain are very similar to sciatica, or is sciatica beginning to develop, that bring the same symptoms with a decreased intensity of pain. What exactly are the symptoms and what causes sciatica? Let’s take a look.


Not all leg pain is sciatica. That doesn’t make non sciatica pain any less important, it simply means it must be treated and addressed differently. With sciatica, the pain often starts in the low back and the hip. Sometimes, the back pain may be less intense then the hip pain, even minor in comparison. The hip will also include the gluteal region. Pain will increase with sitting, is described as burning and tingling, with weakness in the affected leg. A shooting pain may occur when attempting to stand and place your weight on the affected side. This pain is constant and any subsiding in pain is really just a minor lessening of the severity you are currently experiencing.


What causes sciatica in Parole, MD?

Sciatica usually occurs when the origin of the sciatic nerve is “pinched”. This pinching is actually contact upon the nerve roots, which are the lowest set of nerve roots in our spine called L4 to S3, by a disc or vertebral bone spur. The instances where this does not hold true is a tumor or very poorly controlled diabetes. A disc may contact and place pressure upon the roots of a sciatic nerve through a herniation or sequestration, of which these are the most common causes. A disc sequestration is when the inner disc material is physically pushed out and separates from the disc itself, into the spinal canal. A vertebral bone spur is also a potential due to accelerated degenerative changes from previous spinal injuries or chronic overuse injuries. There are risk factors that you can control to help avoid sciatica.


Obesity is a strong contributor to sciatica, the excess weight places increased pressure on your vertebral discs that may lead to early degeneration and possible herniations. Prolonged sitting has been shown to have a high correlation with sciatica symptoms over the years. Try to move frequently, obtain a sit to stand desk, and have your work space ergonomically correct. Weakened core strength or incorrect utilization of postural muscles place excess stress and demands on your spine and the intervertebral discs that could otherwise be avoided.


If you are suffering from sciatica and need relief, care, and a solution for a long-term healthy spine, please call our office immediately. Serving Bowie, Crofton, and Odenton regions with quality care that helps you live a higher quality of life. Medication may help you feel better for a few days; however it is not the solution to correcting the problem.


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