What Should I Do Following a Car Crash in Bowie, MD?

What Should I Do Following a Car Crash in Bowie, MD?

You’ve unfortunately just been involved in an auto accident, or motor vehicle collision, here in the Bowie, Crofton, Odenton region of Maryland. First, hopefully everything is where it should be, even though you may ache and be in pain on the inside from whiplash, headaches, or a low back injury. Immediate and short term, all of us want to not suffer outwardly horrible injuries such as broken bones and severe bruising or disfigurement. Rightfully so, those injuries are not pleasant. Long term, that ache or pain that you can’t see, that may feel deep or present itself when you try to move or get back to your daily life, that is what may potentially stick with you for the remainder of your life. These are the injuries that are either cleared by the emergency room, urgent care, or first responders on the scene as not life threatening, that end up threatening your way of daily life down the road. Whether it be your ability to perform to your standards for work, enjoy family time, participate in personal activities, or complete tasks of daily life such as shopping or cleaning, pain or diminished capabilities are usually never in anyone’s plans.


If you have been in an auto accident in Bowie, or motor vehicle collision, you must receive a proper and thorough exam even though you may or may not feel immediate pain from a qualified health care provider. The doctors at the emergency room or urgent care have done a great job of determining that your injuries are not life threatening and you could return home without immediate medical intervention. Sometimes your pain may start immediately following the auto accident. Sometimes the pain may start 48 to 72 hours later much like delayed onset muscle soreness from working out. A qualified health care provider for this particular situation should have a complete understanding of what happens to the human body during collision, remain engaged in specialized post-doctoral training on the subject matter of soft tissue injuries, crash dynamics, and the latest treatment protocols, understands the utilization of appropriate tests and additional imaging that needs to be ordered to reveal any possible soft tissue damage, as well as have connections and refer to other specialists when needed. When these cases are handled as any other case, outcomes are often diminished and long-term pain complications become increasingly common. Having your symptoms examined and cared for by a qualified health care provider can not be emphasized enoughin the Crofton, Bowie, or Odenton area.

A common question is “If I am in a car accident, does that mean I am hurt?” The answer to that is a very simple No. This is again why a thorough and complete exam by a qualified doctor is so important. Self-diagnosis is a dangerous game. Leave it to the professionals, and more importantly, leave it to a qualified health care provider whom you trust. You will have the confidence and reassurance to get back to your life if there is no injury. If you are injured, the faster the injury is addressed and cared for, the greater the chance of a full recovery in a shorter time frame.

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